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take a wide roll (at least 1″ thick) of double sided tape and cut off some 5 inch sections.
leave them on a flat surface with the sticky side facing upwards, now take two washi tape colours/designs and cut off a strip of each. place the two strips directly onto the sticky side of the double sided tape.

put them through the large hole punch to make your stickers!

Source: burkatron


To create: Use scissors to cut daisy trim into sections of two. Adhere the trim along the center buttom seam of the button down top with a dab of fabric glue. Use needle and thread to reinforce the trim with a few stitches.

Studded Neon Folio

What you need:

Zip Folio

Paper Tape

Pyramid Studs


Source: PS I made this

Cone holders

DIY paper cornet I Sp4nkblog-2

To begin with, cut out your thin paper to the size of your thick paper and then glue it with paper glue to one side of your thick paper sheet.

DIY paper cornet I Sp4nkblog-5

Then bring a ruler and a felt and then draw your grid on the uncolored side of your thick paper.

DIY paper cornet I Sp4nkblog-7

Once you have drawn your grid, cut out one of the corners in a circle as shown in the picture.

DIY paper cornet I Sp4nkblog-8

DIY paper cornet I Sp4nkblog-9

Then take your leaf and form a cone by wrapping it on itself and then stick with your glue gun

DIY paper cornet I Sp4nkblog-10

You can add small paper clips to fix everything but it is really optional. It’s more decorative than anything else

DIY paper cornet I Sp4nkblog-13

Source: sp4nk


Fit your felt and draw the shape you want to give your pennant. You can take example on the patterns below. Once your shape is drawn, you only have to cut it out.

DIY flag I Sp4nkblog

DIY felt flag I Sp4nkblog

DIY pennant I Sp4nkblog

DIY cute pennant I Sp4nkblog

Then, take your thermosetting fabric and draw on the front the text or the design you want to stick on your flag. Once done, you just have to cut with a chisel or precision knife. This will of course be easier if you have a machine to cut out especially for drawings with fine lines. Then take your iron, warm in cotton position and a cloth to protect and iron for 30 seconds to fix your thermosetting fabric to your felt.

DIY Flag Fabric Thermocollant I Sp4nkblog

Then take your straw, cut it to the necessary size (same width as your flag) and then stick to the two tabs with a glue gun

Customize flags with heat-sealing fabric I Sp4nkblog

Customization flags with thermally bonding fabric I Sp4nkblog

In order to be able to hang the flag, take your colored string and your needle. Pass your thread through the needle and make a double knot at the end. Pass your needle through your paper straw at both ends. Do not be afraid to force a little and then do a double knot again.

DIY Felt Flag I Sp4nkblog-16

Tuto fanion I Sp4nkblog

DIY iron on fabric on flag I Sp4nkblog

DIY Felt Flag I Sp4nkblog-28

DIY Flag Less monday more summer I Sp4nkblog

source: sp4nk


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